CSR Racing 2 @ NaturalMotion Games Ltd
December 2013 - Present

NaturalMotion is a world-class mobile games and technology company. I've worked as a project manager on a number of their titles, currently focusing my attention on CSR Racing 2.

Owner / Retrofitter
OEM Conversions Ltd
January 2012 - January 2014

OEM Conversions had a simple ethos behind it -- any factory option can be retrofitted to factory quality. I trained and certified as a Volkswagen Audi technician and organically grew a customer base of hardcore enthusiasts. I built a reputation for relentless attention to detail and quality that continues to be recognised amongst owners clubs.

September 2005 - Present

Since 2005 I have worked with a variety of businesses on a freelance basis. These include:
The Chinese Room Ltd
Art Bully Productions LLC
Blind Ltd
Dynamedion GbR
1910 Design & Communication AB
Piper Double Glazing Ltd
Hunt & Palmer PLC
Mono Europe Ltd
Thanet District Council

Nuclear Dawn @ InterWave Studios B.V.
January 2009 - January 2012

Nuclear Dawn is a team-based multiplayer RTS/FPS hybrid game running on Valve’s Source engine. As Nuclear Dawn's producer I was heavily involved in the design and development of the product, working with both the programmers and artists from day one to define what we wished to achieve. Early responsibilities for the title included developing and maintaining both the schedule and budget, hiring staff and freelancers, assuring consistent quality, and the timely delivery of milestones. I oversaw creative development of the game, proposing and taking action with solutions to the foreseen and unforeseen obstacles.

Project Manager
Stargate: The Last Stand @ InterWave Studios B.V.
April 2008 - January 2009

InterWave’s first project was a prototype product created and released as a high quality modification built on Valve’s Source engine. As the team’s lead I was responsible for our gruelling eight month start-to-finish schedule, ensuring the completion of milestones by identifying issues in advance and reallocating resources appropriately to resolve them. I made certain that my colleagues fully understood their tasks and the progress of the product as a whole, and I oversaw quality assurance. As a creative, I also took on the roles of both a level designer and environment artist.

Founding Director
InterWave Studios B.V, April 2008

In 2008 I took part in the assembly of a team that became the entertainment software company, InterWave Studios B.V. I kept track of development within the company, managed on-going projects, and with a broad technical skill-set I bridged the gaps between department leads, assisting with anything required to keep production moving efficiently.

Technology / News Writer
Techconnect B.V, September 2008 - November 2011

As a technology writer for TechConnect Magazine and news writer for GameConnect, I kept up to date with and experienced the changes in business and entertainment technology on a daily basis. The two websites are online news portals for their respective industries, both owned and operated by Techconnect B.V. The roles gave me great insight into the world of technology used in the media and PR business. I am enthused and excited about the future of computer hardware and software in the entertainment industry, and feel that I've learnt important lessons when it comes to the reputation of both a product and its parent company.

I love working with a diverse and talented team of people to create new and innovative digital entertainment.

With hands on experience using a broad range of development software I collaborate with accomplished product managers, designers, programmers and artists to plan, evolve and troubleshoot products from concept to release.

This website showcases a little of my work.


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