Nuclear Dawn
Producer @ InterWave Studios B.V.

Nuclear Dawn is a team-based 32-player multiplayer RTS/FPS hybrid game running on Valve’s Source engine. We launched with two asymmetrical factions, the RTS commander, 4 classes, 3 weapon loadouts per class, and 12 unlocks per weapon. Each team has an RTS commander who is able to build a dozen or so structures using team resources. The team must support their commander by holding resource points in the level, with an end goal of either maintaining majority control until the time runs out, or to destroy the enemy command bunker.
  • I oversaw creative development and maintained the game's vision
  • Proposed and oversaw the over-arching production schedule
  • Recruited the team's full-time and freelance artists
  • Responsible for preventing production roadblocks
  • Responsible for overall quality of the product
  • Storyboard, choreography and editing of PR material
  • Created all of the game's particle effects, as well as a number of props and animations

Stargate: The Last Stand
Project Manager @ InterWave Studios B.V.

Stargate: The Last Stand is a high quality modification for Half-Life 2 promising to bring all the best from the Stargate Movie and TV-Shows into the gaming world. Gameplay focuses on ground combat, and utilizes a unique play style where players literally have to make their Last Stand against an advancing enemy team.
  • Responsible for our gruelling eight month start-to-finish schedule
  • Identified issues in advance and reallocated resources to resolve in a timely manner
  • Responsible for maintaining the team's vision of the product
  • Contributed art as a level designer and environment artist

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